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“Ninth Annual Steamup @ The Lindleys”

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The MSSLS is now 24 members strong.
We are very proud of the group we have formed and look forward to sharing our hobby with others for many years to come.

  We encourage out-of-town and other non-members to come and share any of the 10 to 12 Steamups we host each year.


We’ve made it, 10 years plus and counting!  MSSLS celebrates over 10 years of making steam.

See pictures of our first public appearance June 14, 2003 HERE.

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Photographs by Jim Coplan. Used by permission.

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Press Coverage

Bob Weltyk TV coverage from Shay Days 2014

Fritz Brohn press coverage from Huckleberry Railroad 2013

Fred Gandolfi press coverage from Huckleberry Railroad 2012

Tom Myers gets press coverage from the Troy Train Show and,

 Press coverage from the 2013 Mt. Pleasant Train Show

 and Flea Market  The Morning Sun Press Coverage

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“The Huck”



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The MSSLS is a 100% NMRA Club and we are proud to be affiliated with such a great organization that promotes our hobby.Visit the NMRA at:
http://www.nmra.orgThe MSSLS is affiliated with and a supporter of the World’s Greatest Hobby organization.

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