Membership FAQ

  • Do I have to be an NMRA member to join the MSSLS?
  •  Do I have to be an NMRA member and a MSSLS member to run at an MSSLS event?
    Anyone is welcome to come and steam with the group at any of our events.  However, non-members are not covered by the NMRA’s liability insurance and non-members must bring their own fuel and water for their engines.  Non-members may also have to pay an entrance fee depending on the location of the event.
  •  Is there a limit to the number of times a non-member can run with the club?
    That is determined on an individual basis by the club members.  If an non-member is taking advantage of the club by getting free admission to events, not helping with setup and teardown of the track, trying to use club supplies, etc., then that person will either be required to become a member or not allowed to participate in future events.  For the cost of an NMRA and MSSLS membership, members get free admission to events and free fuel, water and oil.  In one years time that adds up to more than the membership costs so it is in the individuals best interest to become a member.  Let alone the Insurance coverage!
  •  How do I become an NMRA member?
    Visit the NMRA’s web site at .  You can apply online with a credit card or you can print a membership form and mail it in with your check.  NMRA Membership comes with other benefits and we suggest that you read through their web site to see all they offer.
  •  How are the club’s supplies paid for?
    The business expenses of the MSSLS are paid for out of the membership dues and any funds received from hosting an event.  Once the basic costs of the club are covered, the additional funds go towards track maintenance, printed materials and steamup supplies like fuel, distilled water and rags.  If the club runs out of money the Steamup Supplies benefit is put on hold until funds are available.