About Us

The Michigan Small Scale Live Steamers, as a club, was first established in 2002.  Our members work in all kinds of industries but we share one common interest, running small scale live steam engines every chance we get!  Formed from its original seven founding fathers consisting of: Bev & John Fuller, Fred Gandolfi, Bill Kay, Tom Myers, Tom Toth and Bob Weltyk.  With a vision of a friendly club, its founders wanted something different, something easy and enjoyable for all the members.  It was decided that instead of the members sitting at meetings discussing where to spend club funds, arguing on how much to spend or when to do something, the founding fathers would handle all of these matters and present the finished results to it’s members.  For over ten years this process has worked reasonably well.  With the change in club structure starting in 2015, members are going to have more input to many of the clubs dealings.  Its our hope that things will run as smoothly in the future as in the past.

In 2005 our club became incorporated in the state of Michigan and also became an NMRA club.  This means that all of our members are also NMRA members.  As such, the club is now covered under the the NMRA’s $1 million liability insurance plan.

Most of our members have been running “G” and “O” gauge Live Steam engines for many years.  However, anyone who is new to this is always welcome to pull up a chair, learn and enjoy this relaxing hobby.  Over the years we have gained many new members in just this fashion.

Starting with 2003, our club wanted to make an effort to share our hobby and expose it to as many new people as we can.  To achieve this goal we have created a portable track than can be taken to different events and assembled in as little as an hour.  This track is not portable layouts in that it does not have buildings, trees, etc.  It’s an elevated track table that have three loops of gauge 1 (45mm), and one double gauge loop of ‘0’ gauge (32mm) track for running the engines.  Many of the members have Garden Railways at home where landscaping, buildings, miniature people and other aspects of the hobby are incorporated with running Live Steam Locomotives.  We are also happy to discuss this aspect of the hobby with people as well.

So if you have any events that you think you would like us to participate in, we would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity.  Other Club events, Church Fund Raisers, Local City events, Historical Society Event, Corporate Picnics, the possibilities are endless.