MSSLS Membership Benefits and Requirements

MSSLS membership is easy and inexpensive.  To become a member you need a current NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) membership card and the $10 MSSLS yearly membership fee.  If you are not an NMRA member, just visit the NMRA web site at and either apply on-line or print and mail in the membership application with your dues.


As an MSSLS member, you will belong to a club that is one of the nicest and most active small scale live steam groups in the U.S.   Benefits include:

  •  Pre-scheduled events throughout the state of Michigan.  Over 7 public steamups each year with additional steamups at member’s homes.
  •  Use of the club’s raised portable track(s) at each event.  An 18×26 track with 16’ diameter curves and a 10×18 track with 10’ curves.  (Note, some events only have room for one portable.)
  •  Free admission to events located where a paid admission is normally required.  (ie. Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad, Gratiot Valley Railroads Swap Meet and other shows.)
  •  $1 million of liability insurance coverage, through the NMRA, should someone outside the club be injured by your locomotive during a club sponsored event.
  •  Free locomotive fuel, distilled water, steam oil, paper towels and shop towels for use at each event. **
  •  The use of the MSSLS club web site for event information, access to the Members only section and 100 megs of disk storage (via FTP) to host pictures and web pages related to the small scale live steam hobby.
  •  Ability to purchase club shirts at cost.
  •  As an NMRA member you qualify for insurance to cover your Live Steam Engines, rolling stock, track, books, magazines and all other hobby related items for a very reasonable cost.  See the NMRA web site for complete details.
  •  The chance to spend many enjoyable and relaxing hours with new and old friends!


Our club, unlike many others, is based upon the same concept as a gym, golf or tennis club.  Members are entitled to all the benefits of the club yet they are not required to deal with any of the day-to-day troubles and headaches of maintaining an organization.

The MSSLS LLC Founding Engineers handle the paperwork and fees associated with maintaining the club’s liability insurance, corporate status, taxes and equipment.  No more long group meetings about whether we should spend $50 to maintain the layouts, $15 for printed materials, $100 for steam up supplies or any of 100 other time consuming discussions about day-to-day operations.  MSSLS also handles the scheduling of events and other details to make them happen.  Additional events are suggested by the members and the membership’s commitment to attend an event determines if it will be scheduled.

The members have very few requirements to maintain their membership.

  •  MSSLS members must keep their NMRA membership up-to-date.  A copy of each member’s NMRA card with NMRA number and NMRA expiration date will be kept on file.  If a member fails to renew their NMRA membership, they will loose their membership in MSSLS until the NMRA membership is renewed.
  •  MSSLS members are required to pay a yearly $10 fee and present a copy of their current NMRA membership card, if not already on file. ***  (The MSSLS membership renewal fee is due no later than Jan 31st of each year.  Those individuals joining, for the first time, after July 1st will pay 1/2 the current membership fee.)
  •  Members are required to help setup and/or teardown the portable tracks and any displays at every steamup they attend, unless physically unable.  This is required to make sure that the same people do not get stuck with the setup and teardown at every event.
  •  Lastly, members must abide by our club by-laws.  The MSSLS group prides itself on its reputation as a friendly and family oriented group.  The use of improper language, gestures, rudeness, etc. will not be tolerated.  Please read our by-laws for complete details.

** These benefits are dependant upon the club’s ability to afford them.  If club funds are not available, then this benefit may be suspended.
*** The yearly fee is subject to change without notice.  Any change in the fee will be published by December 1st of each year.